Gravity Simulator

Gravity is an educational software program designed to simulate the movement path of bodies altered by gravitational pull and attraction. This software enables students to understand the concept of gravitational attraction.

Gravity simulates attraction of heavenly bodies, from orbit revolutions to complex galaxy crashes, to further explain the variety of gravitational motions.

This software is a helpful tool for explaining essential physical phenomenon to students at elementary and secondary school levels. Teachers and instructors will be able to explain this concept further using this visual aid.

Gravity contains many features useful for simulation. It includes a number of bodies that can be simulated at the same time. Bodies used as examples can fall into 16 groups that have a common center of mass.

Extreme events of bodies can be zoomed out with modification or viewed by mouse control. There is automated restart simulation, a search of bodies and their center of mass, etc.

This program can be edited with pop-up menus, modification of parameters, uniform modification of selected bodies, modification of display order and more.



Gravity 1.3